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June 2014 Rally Follow Up

Started by Lonesome Dave, June 23, 2014, 11:49:52 AM

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Lonesome Dave

Figured this thread would be a good place to put photos and such.

I had a great time.  Honestly, it was probably one of the funnest I've had.  It was none stop laughter, and the trail stories are just crazy.  Including the epic flying leg and the search and rescue.  I'll let someone else tell those stories!  Believe me there are plenty to tell.
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What a great time. Tom, Hipster, and I took off on Sunday. He rode in from Minneapolis and met me here in Mitchell. We made our way out to the Hills by way of part of Sleddog's Trans SD route. During the week we rode a good part of the southern end of the DAKAL. What an amazing, tough at times,  ride. It was so fun and Tom is a great guy to ride with.

Thanks to LD for leading the routes. The Caves route was awesome and every one had a great time. I ran sweep and enjoyed to day immensely. No real issues that day.

I took the next day, Saturday off to spend with my wife and also entertains Mrs Whacked. We returned to camp to find no one there. We waited and waited till riders began to trickle in. Then reports of a rider stuck on a trail by himself and a rescue was being planned. I won't tell the story as I was only a bystander. These are best told by the participants. Jayden should be the one to tell his side and Whacked should be the one to tell the rescue part and those that went, LD NDave and Gerry, can tell that part of the tale.

I had a great time on this whole trip from start to finish.

Thanks to Mrs LD, Lisa, and Mrs Grubby, Heidi, for preparing food. It was awesome. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!

As my wife and son made their way up to camp my son wanted to stop in RC to see if he could find some riding boots. As they were leaving they found a young guy (20ish) on a older DR350 who was having problems with his bike. He is a young guy who save a little money and was off on an adventure from Ohio west. My family was able to take him to Black Hills Powersports who were apparently unwilling to help this kid out so my family loaded his bike up and him and took him ti Rice Honda to because they said they could lend a bit of help even though they were busy. They dropped the guy off and a PM was sent to me on ADVRider that he was able to get the bike fixed without much effort. It was a mistake me made after installing some new jets.
I was a bit miffed over the Black hills Powersports thing as I've done some business with them and always felt they were good folks. So when pressed a bit, this young guy did say that he hadn't given them all the info on him predicament and in hindsight feels they woud have done more if they had had more info. I think his issue is that he wants to do this all on his own and is learning that the generosity of others is what makes our adventures successful.

I'm just glad that Anne and Nathaniel were in a place at the right time to help this guy out. His ride report can be found here:

Its a good read for a young guy looking for his place in this world.   
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Thanks for the good times, all! Thanks to the Montana boys for leading me through some really good stuff Thursday night,...and LD for leading the Saturday ride! I didn't get many pictures....and the GoPro was taking shots just ahead of my front fender so they didn't turn out. I'll have it next time. Too bad, I was behind "Baby Whacked" for a little bit over some rocks, would have been cool for her to have that video.


It takes a lot of fiddling to get it to shot right. As we stood there trying to adjust it, we kept thinking it was too high. You'll get it right at some point. Its best to play with it at home so you know its right when you really want the video. I've found that when your trying to get it right, ride the bike. Its amazing how differently one holds their head when riding as apposed to sitting in a chair.
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Out with the stories guys.
I wanted to stop over on the 19th but skipped cause I worked the Friday Sat Sun stretch so I'd love to hear more about how it went and where you rode.


Even though I didn't stick around to participate in the rides, it was fun to hang out, eat some great Chili & finally put faces with the names on here. Thanks for the hospitality.


NDirt Rider

I want to Thank everyone that helped do this event it was awesome. Great people absolutely fantastic rides, and great food you couldn't ask for more. Thanks again for the rescue of my son believe it or not he had a great time and I think he was disappointed that he didn't get to use his survival skills by spending the night in the hills lol. You did a fantastic event and I will be back to ride in it again. PS I didn't chew him out too much just had to laugh about it and he cant wait to come back too.   Thanks Daryl


Daryl, that boy needs become a member if he hasn't already, then he needs to write that story for all to read. maybe others will learn something from his experience. Nice to have you two as part of the group.
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We need pictures! We need video!
Good ride out in the hills, as always


HD option available ^

HD option available ^

HD option available ^

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Dr Psyko

Thanks for posting! Beautiful day riding!

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Where is that old winch equipment? Looks like you guys had fun.
Did I ever tell you: " I HATE MUD!" ?



First 3 min are of the whole group, single track starts @ 3min.

HD option available ^

HD option available ^

HD option available ^

More to come when I get time to render and upload....

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I also had a blast again this year! Saturday was kinda crazy, but there's not one day of riding that isn't a good time.
We couldn't have asked for better weather either.  tannerc posted pretty much everything, but here are a few different ones- didn't get nearly as many photos as we usually do, I think i was too busy trying to catch my breath most the time  ;)

Good to bs with some of you... hopefully see everyone again at the fall rally.

And Saturday didn't end well for the ol' pig and duffer :)

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