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Started by Hank, August 03, 2015, 06:55:03 AM

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Had a great time trail riding!  The weather was perfect.

Thanks to those who lead rides.  Had fun on Hank's single track adventure until dead-fall brought that ride to an end.....  honestly though, that was enough of a workout for this old set of bones.

Dave put together a fun and scenic ride around Rochford and Westward. 

It was great meeting some new faces.  Hope to see you there next year.



In the above post, I commented on how great the trail riding was ...... It was kinda a magical Fall weekend.  Nobody got hurt.  A couple of bikes that need some fixing.  For me, the ride home was a different story.

I left Deerfield around 5:30 so I could get home before dark.  Well about 4 miles from home, I T-bone Bambi.  It was a little one that has probably been out of it's spots for 2-3 weeks.  Did not see it until it "just appeared".  No skid marks on the road.  Just driving along at 55-60 and WHAM.

Next thing I know, I'm skidding down the road with the bike being a human brake pad.  I "thunk" the right front side of my head as the whole bike goes down.  I open and shut my eyes periodically only to see the tar rolling past just a few inches from my googles.  (Went back the next day, stepped it off, and estimated that I had slid 40-45 yards.)  I got out from under the bike and kneeled over it, trying to get my bearings straight.  I wasn't knocked out, but my head and vision were not the best. 

A car came up from the other direction and asked if I needed help.  I stood up and took inventory of my body.  Most things were in place but I thought I'd better lay down before I crumpled.  I asked the dude to get the bike off the road into a nearby drive-way.  Another guy stopped and helped.  They also drag the deer off the road.  I ask one of them to get the phone out of the tank bag and I call the wife.  Then I lay there.

Laying there for the rescue ride home, I take more detailed inventory.  Some areas of road rash.   The whole right side of my back and ribs are killing me.  I think the heads fine.  My vision is clearing up.

So, I got by pretty lucky.  Lite damage to the bike, minimal damage to me.  The right side of my gut and back muscles are killing me and I got some road rash out of the deal.  I'll be out of work for a few days recovering but time should heal each of these.  I was wearing my plated jersey and good riding pants - wear your gear all the time!




Wow Brad!   Glad you came out of the deal "OK" (sounds like barely OK).    Deer suck.   Did you go to the clinic and get checked out?


OUCH Brad! That sucks! I was just thinking this morning that the deer have been more active along the roads the last few days. Changing weather? Glad your okay.
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I read somewhere that deer are the most active and have the most car/bike deer accidents in October.

Brad didn't mention that he also appears to have a burn on his hand that looks the width of the exhaust pipe.

One more thing, I met some guys from Bismarck on 1190s on the way home tonight.  I told them about Brad's wreck.  One of them said the following, and really made me think; I don't ride at night anymore. Who has not hit a deer with a car, especially living in the Black Hills.  Do you think you're not going to hit a deer with a bike?

Glad your okay or mostly okay.
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jacin theis

Sorry I didn't wait and leave with you. Glad your ok. If you need anything let me know. Crazy!
Whos in for a big trip? Alsaka? Moab (again)? Baja?
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Glad you are OK Brad. Deer are my biggest fear while riding. I too had a similar incident. i left the campground on friday at about 4:45 or so, about 3/4 mile down the road from the campground, bambi, decided to make a run for it across the road, luckily a saw her and was already braking hard, but still got within 3 feet of game of plastic pickup. I took it easy the rest of the way back to Rapid.

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Scary stuff Brad, glad you weren't seriously injured.


Wow Brad sounds like you need lower gearing or maybe a moped with a speed limiter. Hope your feeling better and healing. 
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Glad to hear your ok Brad that's one of my worries even on the trails sometimes have one of them critters run out in front of you.