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Poker Run
« on: May 05, 2018, 08:46:48 AM »
I haven't been keeping up on this thread  :-[ like I should, but here's a start!
ORA has a Poker Run coming up on June 10th at Nemo Guest Ranch.  I attended one of these last year with family and grand kids.  They have lots of prizes at the end (3 pm).  Grand daughter won a new helmet that she is still very proud of.  It had good trails and is a mix of ATVs and dirt bikes.

I posted this to get it "out there."  But, it is also the last day of our spring rally this year.  Sunday's are usually pretty quite at the rally, so maybe this might be fun for some of us to attend.  And, help support ORA.  ORA's schedule for this event works around our lazy attitude we have on Sunday morning.  In other words, this might work for us.  I would have posted their flyer, but I don't know how.  So see below, please.

For details, visit: or
our Facebook Page
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