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FALL 2019 Rally - 9/19-22

Started by Wacked, July 13, 2019, 03:00:45 PM

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Thank You to all that made this Rally Happen

To those willing to head out and lead some rides - Dave, Mike, Dan

To Gerry for rounding up firewood

To the ladies for getting food going - LeAnn, Elisa, Sue, Heidi ....   for breakfast and awesome snacks

And ......  although they may not be stalking this site - Custer Crazy Horse Campground - Twyla and crew bent over backwards with hospitality!!!

and there were others that pitched in and made the weekend flow .....  Thanks



Heck YA!!!
Had a great time at the fall rally! I wish to give a great big THANKS to all the fine ladies for breakfast. I even had time for a soak in the mud bath this year. The biggest downfall was the 12hr drive home.

Thanks Chuck ;)


It's a full service trail ride Sprout. We want you to be relaxed and comfortable so mud baths are available at appropriate intervals.  ;) ;D
stupid is my middle name, but my first name is Mike