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So who's had a Honda?

Started by Hank, October 08, 2008, 10:01:49 PM

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This conversation made me go dig up old pictures.

Here's a pic of my 94, all cleaned up when I was trying to sell it like a fool:

I think it's the first digital camera picture ever taken, must be from 96 or so.  Hence the fantastic resolution.  It was probably a .2 MP camera that cost $600.

After that the next bike I had (and last bike I had for quite a long period) was this 98 (I think?) VTR996 "Super hawk".  This was a really fun bike to ride, but I never really bonded with it.  Great 1000cc V-twin torque, great handling, but horrid gas mileage and range.

I sold it, and was bikeless for almost 6 years.  Had kids, started a biz, basically had no time.


Gen 2 thru gen 5 had the gear driven cams, which sound great and are dead reliable.   That was one more thing I preferred on my gen 4 over the gen 6.

Here is a sweet, cheap gen 4:


plumber mike

Bad Hank! :-*

We'll just have to see what's available down that way a little closer to the holidays :P those prices, a guy could add one to the stable rather than replace another. I think I will go take some pictures of the Magna either way.

WOW! 6 years. No bike?!! I'm busy with the fam and the biz, but a guy's gotta ride :-\


Yep, 6 years, no bike.  Can't believe I did that now.  I rode for 15 years before that.

Not sure if you saw my first response at the bottom of page 1, but in summary I really think the Gen 4 VFR is sweet.  Gen 5 was the first 800, and first with EFI, but there are plenty of other VFR heads out there that feel the Gen 4 was/is the pinnacle of the VFR evolution.   Gen 6 lost the gear driven cams.  

That first CL link has an aftermarket pipe.  That bike, with the gear driven cams and pipe would sound insanely cool.    My 87 had a slip on 4 into 1 and gear driven cams.  That bike still rates as the coolest sounding bike I've ever owned.

Pros Magna vs VFR (IMO):

VFR:  How it sits, how it rides, how it looks, how it handles, how it goes.

Magna:  hmm  I'm struggling here.   How it looks and how it sits if you like that style of bike I guess.

I'm horribly biased obviously.

Now VFR vs Blackbird:

VFR:   Sound, as long as you are talking gear driven cam models (gen 2-5).   Fuel economy.  Ride (stock for stock)
Blackbird:  POWER.  Makes the VFR feel like a moped.   Wind protection.   POWER.  Oh and POWER.

Handling is nearly a draw IMO..  Seating position in stock form is about a draw.

Not hard to modify either one for suspension and seating position improvements.  You've seen my blackbird build thread.  The results of that were incredible in both ride and comfort.   Keep in mind I've ridden it over 1000 miles in a day with stock suspension and minor seating mods, but my riding partner Paul did the same on his stock VFR.  

Here's a little video clip I made last spring on my bird.  A VFR won't do this:

And its not even close to running out of steam at that speed.


i've always really like the looks and the manners of the viffers, but i REALLY like those super hawks.  nice to know a few of their faults so that i don't have to think as hard about having one in my garage. 

those little nt650's trip my trigger too.

for not having owned too many honda cycles (but grew up on the BULLETPROOF 3 and 4 wheelers) i sure do like a lot of them!
You live more in five minutes on a bike like this going flat out than some people live in a lifetime - Burt Munro


My Superhawk ran bone dry w/ 128 miles on the tripmeter about 5 miles North of Miller one time.    I think I was getting 26mpg or something.  Just 70mph highway riding, although it was a REALLY windy day.   Luckily I was with others and one went to get me gas.

I was NOT impressed with that situation!

plumber mike

My wife saw my son and I looking at your vid. We watched it a few times since it was short 8)

She said " I don't know what bike THAT was, but your NOT getting one" ::) OK hon. I'll just get a Busa.

I must defend my little Magna. It umm....well...not really my style.....but....umm... Did I mention the motor? It is rather comfy, and has a very low seat height. It handles OK with the tires at max PSI.

OK. It looks cool in the garage, and it feels like a rocketship compared to my Xco. That is all.

I,ve gotta get some pics as the Honda's are piling up around here.

Thanks for all the info guys.

One last Q. What's insurance like on a Blackbird as compared to say a TeeDub?


liability for me was about $150/yr. 

i've never put full coverage on a bike, until the wee.  full coverage with $500 deductible is the same price as my xx liability was. 
You live more in five minutes on a bike like this going flat out than some people live in a lifetime - Burt Munro


I pay 165/yr for full coverage through Dairyland.

It's a $1K deductible.  Pretty much there for major disasters only, or theft.   I don't think a $500 deductible was much worse, if memory serves.


well since I can't sleep and the computer is on....

I've had a few Honda's over the years.  First one back when I was getting over the theft of my first bike in 1980/81? (a Yamaha) I got a 75 cc Honda.  Don't remember a lot about it other than I did run all over around Ensenada, Baja Cal. on that thing....avoiding the policia/feds. Must have been around 1983/84ish? When that one out grew me....I had a couple more Yamahas because they were cheap and plentiful in So Cal.  Each one was growing in size.  Sold everything around 1987? and was bikeless for quite awhile  when a buddy of mine found me my first 1986 XL600 in about 1992 so I would go riding with him.  I didn't give it much though and looked at it just as a courtesy since he spent time finding it.   I bought it.  Couple years later I bought another (1984) so Dad would go riding with me.  He did twice...but didn't like that one at all.  I rode it about a year splitting time with the 86 until I sold the 84 for the extra cash.  Before moving back to ND in 06, I sold my 86 as I never dreamed of having time to ride anywhere.  bikeless again when another buddy would help me get my current 1987 XL600 in 15...I just had to commit to wire his workshop for Utah.  Hoping to keep this one long term and even add a CBR 600 to the stable--hopefully this year.
Now Hank doesn't have to feel bad for quoting posts from 16 months ago....I'm replying from like 6 years ago. haha
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When can I go riding again? Crashing sucks!

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I was looking for a XR650R but decided on a like new '07 XR650L instead.  I had both a DR650 and the XR650L for over a year and decided I liked the Honda better. I traded the DR650 for a '15 FZ-07 and put TKCs on it to do gravel and love it. I regard the XR650L as a long term keeper.
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