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display failure

Started by Fletch, June 10, 2020, 02:27:53 PM

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just an FYI as I had a weird deal the other day. pushed the adventure out of the garage, hit the key button and the display came up as usual. Before I could hit the start button my phone rang. Answered it and talked to oldest daughter for a few minutes, during which the display "turned off", except the lights (TC, ABS, etc) along the bottom remained on. Once I finished talking and hung up I hit the start button and it fired up but no display?  Turned everything off and then back on, started it and till no display? drove to town and back, turned it off/on numerous times and still no display? I looked at my phone and see that even with the bike off my phone is still paired to it? Not sure if there is a delay or what? Anyway turned bluetooth off on the phone turned on the bike and everything works again? Turned bluetooth back on and everything is working fine? Just thought I'd share in case someone else runs into this to save you the frustration...
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