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Copper Canyon Mexico
« on: April 10, 2022, 09:42:27 AM »
Four years ago I met up with a buddy from Spearfish and three others to ride Baja California and it was amazing.  Now that Covid has settled down a bit someone mentioned getting the band back together for Copper Canyon MX trip in April.  Everyone was quickly on board so the plan was to leave ND on the April 7th, pick up my Spearfish buddy and bike, pick up the second buddy and bike on the 8th, unload bikes and drop off pickup and trailer and pick 4th rider  in Phoenix on the 9th, and meet up with the last two of the group at the border city of Douglas AZ and enter Mexico on the 10th.  A well choreographed plan but North Dakota and South Dakota weather was throwing curve balls from the start.  I"ve dreaming of a new enclosed Aluminum trailer for a few years so I made the purchase and finished installing E-track and chocks Wednesday.

Since there was heavy winds and snow forcast for Thursday I decided to get a head start Wednesday night and decided interstate highways where the safest route to Spearfish.  I got a late start with high Hope's of making Sioux Falls with the heavy tail winds and call it a night but gave up at Watertown when the winds and icy slushy roads scared me off I-29.  Thursday morning I made great time till I headed West on I-90 with 50 mph NW winds forcast.  I drove about 60 mph and and stopped for fuel in Mitchell.  The wind was really catching the trailer and was causing me to spin the drive tire on my pickup. So I thought I would shift the position on my Super Tenere from the back right corner of the trailer to the front right for more younger weight.  Leaving Mitchel it felt good and had no more tire spinning.  I got about 5 miles out of town when the wind must have picked up a bit and flipped the trailer.  Awe shit moment and I figured my Copper Canyon trip was over.  I called 911 and had a wrecker come out of Mitchel to remove my trailer from the traffic lane.  More to come.


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Re: Copper Canyon Mexico
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2022, 11:28:36 AM »
 At least it wasn't the pickup also.

Saw your posted photo on the book of billing and I'm rarely there.
Look forward to 'the rest of the story'

in Paul Harvey style of course.
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