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Started by Lonesome Dave, April 21, 2022, 09:00:31 PM

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Lonesome Dave

Just got this today.  I took the survey tonight.  Just click on the link at the bottom or do it on your phone while your at work!

This is the first time I've ever seen a survey like this.  The questions were great and the last one gives you an opportunity to comment.  The reason I think this is so important is finally someone is looking at the economic impact of off road riding.  It doesn't matter if it's bikes, utvs, atvs, and even Jeeping it's all in there.  They are asking how much you spend a day on gas to get there and to ride.  How much on spend on food, lodging, and drink.  Parts, service, all of it.  Also, how important maintenance of trails, what kind of trails, what you want to see, or difficulty.   I'm forgetting a lot it.  It takes about 10 minutes to complete, unless you write a lot of comments at the end like I did.  I wrote things like 10 minute video for at least rental customers on what to do and what NOT to do.

As the email states below, there's only a few days left to comment.  At the end it asks you what state you are from.  This is very important for all of us to do.  When you show the amount of economic impact an activity does for South Dakota it will turn heads.  The snowmobile people have always been great at this and look what they've done in the Black Hills.

Thanks, now go do it!

Kevin Klunder <>
Thu 4/21/2022 5:26 PM
Fellow Riders,

The Economic impact study is still active through this weekend; if you have not already gone to the link and answered the questions...PLEASE DO SO SOON!

Very important Economic Impact Study is under way by a company by the name of Southwick Associates; they're trying to quantify how much money we are spending to satisfy this habit we share called trail riding.

If you have already received the email link and responded to it, please DO NOT do the survey again, we are looking for accuracy above all else.

The link to the survey is...
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But no opportunity to write in comments. Maybe us non-locals don't get to say our piece?


Done, thanks for the heads up Dave.
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Done. I voted no on the extra fee for non-SD residents, by the way. Go figure.