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Started by greatbuffalo, June 23, 2022, 11:43:27 PM

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It has come to my attention that several people have posted negative reviews about the camp and staff at Custer Crossing Campground. I am a bit disappointed that folks feel they need to air that stuff on social media. We are a riding group, not a social media group.

I understand that we all have the freedom speech but when you exercise your freedom of speech in the context of an event organized by members of DDSR, you are reflecting on the group as a whole. While doing so, you jeopardize the reputation of the group and the ability to hold these events. I am miffed that when we left this weekend, I was under the assumption that all that happened was water under the bridge. I guess I was wrong.

Problems at campgrounds are nothing new to this group, they have just been handled in a more positive way.

I don't know if many if you understand how few campgrounds there in the Hills with access to what we want to ride, and are willing to make concessions for a group our size. Several members of this group work their asses off to foster a relationship with campgrounds. Many we visit to make inquires are not willing to hold sites or a group of sites, and many are not interested in doing groups at all.

When we left the campground on Sunday we had worked out that they would hold reservations for our group only until the first of April, far later than anyone has been willing in the past. Fish and Fry stopped holding anything except for tent sites, and Wild Bills didn't hold anything. We discussed the problems with management and thought they were resolved so we made plans for next year.

Understand that these folks are new and learning. We all make mistakes and things happen. We talk, we put it to bed, and move on. When the negative reviews, not constructive but negative, were read, they were ready to cancel us. I don't blame them for their rection. I worked to smooth things over and we are back on.  If you were unhappy and choose not to return, that's up to you. In the future, maybe the complainers can can do the leg work that it takes to hold such an event. I would welcome that. People that complain on social media tend to do little to fix it.

My hope is in the future we can find better ways to sort issues. Taking to social media in this context is doing a disservice to the DDSR as a whole.

Looking forward to the Fall at Crazy Horse Campground in Custer in September.
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Is there a )Custer, SD)Sept date; not seeing one at this time.


In this link 1st or second post.
Sept 15-18 ...
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