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Off road GPS

Started by Abercrombie, August 25, 2023, 09:45:54 PM

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What's everyone running for a rugged use off road GPS in the Black Hills?  I was running a Garmin Montana for the last six years but it went AWAL from it's mount while I was riding in Big Bend National Park back in April.  While riding in Big Bend, some of my buddies were using their Garmin XT GPSs and they appeared to cover the off road stuff in the park very well.  Anyone have any preferences or good ideas? I have a new Garmin XT in the box but was going to install it and a second mounting plate on my Yamaha FJR & Super Tenere for road and back road use. 


I just use an old phone
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I have a waaaay too expensive Tripltek tablet running any app I want. Mostly run google maps, Avenza and Gaia.

The Tripltek is amazing because its big, mil spec, and bright,1200+ nit for brightness. I like the size because because its easier to read than a 3 to 4 inch screen.
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