Is there a crowd sourced set of Black Hills points of interest and GPS tracks?

Started by thatguychuck, September 19, 2023, 10:07:06 AM

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Wrapping my brain around Avenza and just looking for local points of interest and GPS tracks. So far I have found the following:

The BDRX has GPX tracks for their 3 day trip posted for free here:

South Dakota ATV has a free google drive link that has a number of POI:

The Dakota Adventure loop has GPS tracks available for purchase here:

Black Hills destinations has quite a few POIs, peaks, towers, ect, however the website is a little cumbersome and doesn't allow copy/paste, so each point must be loaded manually.

Anything I missed so far? Is there a "master" crowd sourced list of POI's and/or GPS tracks floating around somehwere?