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Is it time to pull the plug?

Started by Hank, November 13, 2023, 11:57:21 AM

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GB and I had a text exchange about the future of DDSR, and with hosting fees coming due again next summer, we both feel like it might be time to pull the plug, meaning just let it lapse next August.

Activity is way down, we're all getting old :) and I think younger people would rather use Facehole for stuff like this.   I personally think Facebook sucks for forums, but what do I know?!

We could still keep the communication and rally planning going on FB, or mass texts etc.

Most of the old guard is gone, or barely here.   I really don't have the interest or time to maintain the site, although that's fairly minimal.

So, shut it down, or pass the torch.. I don't know.   Feedback welcome.


I just wrote a version of this a week ago. Currently going through the same kind of thing on another forum I run. I also thing age has the most to do with it.

I can't say I'll miss this forum. I've seen maybe 20 posts since joining. I have met and ridden with a bunch of great people in Rapid and that won't stop. Good times. This board kicked that off but if we're not talking here and from an admin point of view, I'd consider shutting it down too.

I don't feel like I can vote for that here but wanted to say that your administrative efforts and making the forum available is appreciated.


Yeah, that's just it.  I don't know if many of us will miss it, at least in terms of what it's doing for us now.   Great memories though, it used to be hopping with numerous posts every day.    A lot of great friendships were made via this board and the DDSR rallies.


seems like a sad ending, but I think you are probably right....
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It was a good run - but I do think other things have taken over in the past 15 or so years.

Time to pull the plug on this format



I won't lie, it bums me out to see it go, even though I haven't been nearly as active as I was in the early days.

I don't really understand why people prefer FB over this format, but I imagine its just a mental or time bandwidth thing where it just all becomes too much.  An "I'm on FB and I don't want to go somewhere else for this or that".    Even though FB is a terrible replacement for a forum.  Too bad FB doesn't enable a "board structure" kind of setup for interest groups where you can have sub boards and topics.

I'm on the SVrider forum and that forum was huge.. and its almost entirely migrated to FB.


I will miss it as the only social media I do is Linkedin just to be somewhat informed on a professional level. In my few years on the forum activity has decreased significantly.

Its obvious most are not using it, so I do understand.

I may have to reconsider Faceplant, no, probably not!   8)  But, maybe I am just getting old!
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I agree this is a fairly slow forum.  I live in Fargo and I don't get out as much as I'd like; however, I was able to connect with some great folks in the past few years; especially the fall rally. If this goes away is there anther spot we can go to for rally updates and to connect?

jacin theis

Since my wife and I have been moving around for the last 5 years, I haven't had much opportunity to ride with anyone form the group. I have however lurked here to keep up with who's in, who's out and who crashed. you know who you are... anyway, I appreciate the work you guys have put into this and will try to keep in touch whenever I am back in the hills. If your ever in central Pennsylvania get in touch. The Mid Atlantic BDR isn't far from me. We could knock a section or two out.  Until then, you all keep well.
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I'm on way too many motorcycle forums and don't visit them like I used to when I was trapped at a fire station for 24 hour shift but I sure do like the forum format over Facebook.  I like the fact that things are archived and able to be searched for but I understand the commitment, time and expense it takes to keep the lights on.  I just went to DDSR Facebook page and noticed there is only a hand full of entries for the year.  I took over the Fargo Moorhead Dual sport Riders facebook page after the former admins left it to die a couple of years ago.  Fargo Moorhead is not a popular dual sport location so we only have 25 members, but is stays fairly active.  I took it over in hopes of trying to organize a few locals to head to the Black Hills with me for the DDSR spring and fall rallies and other rides.   


How sad.
I'd keep it going ., what's involved ?
Hit me up.
I started it back in 09 whatever.

I'm getting back into dual sport a bit as I have more time to do it.

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Quote from: flexlarson on November 30, 2023, 07:55:23 AMHow sad.
I'd keep it going ., what's involved ?
Hit me up.
I started it back in 09 whatever.

I'm getting back into dual sport a bit as I have more time to do it.

Rapid city Sd.

Yep, I agree its sad.   I flipped the switch and the site went live on 8/1/08.   You, me, Ryan, Chad, Bret, Alan (Yeti) and a couple others were the first users here.    I was user #1, but only because I've always ran the site and did the initial setup.  Chad originally owned the domain, he transferred it to me a few years in.

The original communication started on some MSN message board (those are long extinct).     I bet you started that.   I'm not even sure how I found that board and got involved.   I just remember the first "rally" was a lot of fun.   It was at that rally that we decided we needed an actual domain and forum.

What does it take, not that much really.   $150/year hosting fees (last time I looked) and some time here and there to run patches, once in a while it takes a big chunk of time when there is a major software upgrade to install (I did that a few months ago).

The reality is though, nobody is using it any more.      If you go back 10 weeks there have been 20 posts, not including posts in this thread  about shutting it down.  Back in its heyday we probably had 20 posts a day.

If you're interested in taking it over I'd just have to transfer the domain and hosting to your name.


A little ancient history.    It was bugging me trying to remember how I found the original MSN group.   Well I burrowed down a rabbit hole and found it:

So the first official rally was coordinated mostly on the MSN board and a bit on ADVrider, and must have happened in June 08, and by August 1 08 this site was up and running.    Unfortunately no archives of the MSN boards appear to exist.


With my schedule and such since joining here things have changed slightly. Not making a move to TN anymore. Renewed interest in a place in the hills instead of UT... since becoming 'un'-engaged. I know that the people I've met here have been a great group that I'd otherwise never met realistically. If we kept up some form of communication and ride coordinating capabilities, I'd be good.
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As much as I dislike facebook I would sure prefer a transition to there for DDSR than nothing at all.  If Brian (Flex) wants to keep this going that would be great too.  I'd sure chip in on the cost to keep it going even if it doesnt have the traffic it used to. 

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