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DDSR June 2011: The Aftermath!

Started by The Yeti, June 19, 2011, 09:52:49 PM

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Dr Psyko

Fun ride all around! Thanks to Lonesome Dave and Bogus Jim for being great tour guides! Missed some friends from last year, made some new new ones this year. We had a fun ride home (can you say wet?).
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I was wondering if there will be a Fall rally in Sept. again?  I hope so I had to work during the June rally but I already have Sept. 14th thru the 28th off.  I'm new to the group but let me know if I can help.

Time heals all wounds. But it usually leaves a pretty big scar.


Finally returned home from my adventures West. Had a great ride and many great experiences. I did not make it back to the Southern Hills as I had planned due to a late trip illness. I had made it as far as Billings and then did a straight shot back home. 650 miles in about 10 hours, don't think I'll do that again.

Had a great time with all the guys riding in the Hills. Tom and Ernie where great guys to spend 2 days with running tarmac and gravel. Next year I hope to have a more suited bike to run with the rest of you but we'll see.

I think I'd be up for another weekend in the Fall.
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Had a blast! Thanks to all who were tour guides for the group. Osnabrock and Sprout took us on some great single track that really challenged my ability......loved every bit of it. Stay safe this summer, see you in the fall!


Good riding with and meeting all of you at the rally.  Thanks to everyone that helped put it on.  Also thanks to Osnabrock and The Griz for talking me into going.