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A new Wee for me!

Started by Lonesome Dave, April 10, 2012, 09:47:24 PM

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Lonesome Dave

Some of you might already know, but I found me a Wee!  I told my wife that I would sell my beloved KLR and get something different if she wanted to ride with me more this year.  She said yes, but only if I agreed to take her along more.  She said I whined to her last summer several times that "I haven't really got to ride trails much lately and I would like to just get out in the trees by myself."  This of course is a lie, I don't remember anything like that.

I actually tried out a GS650 and liked it okay.  The next day I drove to Gillette, WY and rode an "08" DL650 V-strom which I really liked!  After hearing and/or reading rave reviews from Hellneau and Loingrader I finally told Great Buffalo I would sell my KLR if he still wanted it.  He luckily had just sold one of his older bikes and was ready at the same time I was.  Done deal.

So from this....

To this.....

Now keep in mind after buying the Wee on Saturday, I crashed the WR on Sunday and broke numerous things, I won't be riding the Wee for a while.  Oh yea, I'm now up 23 broken bones.  LD   8)
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It looks like you both made out pretty well.
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Old man

Hello folks  Its been a spell since I posted   So long that I forgot my password and being as I retired I no longer had access to one of them there compluters.  Time marches on and I was forced to obtain one of those new fangled lapdance models. The guy I bought it from in the walmart parking lot  said  it was like new.  Except for the scratches it has from falling out of my jacket on the gravel road on the way home it still looks and works well.   After failing many attemps to work my way thru the       fogot your password       thingy  I reregistered under a new name         Note: Hank and Yeti I liked my old name. can I please have it back?         

Dave  there    is nothing  like a new ride to help bones heal  ,  as a fellow Vee rider I look forward to many campfires in the future

Buff   Good on ya       Now when we go up that muddy trail to the lookout tower we will both know where to grab to pick up our bikes


LD - congrats.. it looks great.     23 broken bones?   All at once?

Old Man - what is your old handle?

Old man

Hank thanks for the rapid respond         At my age the mind comes and goes, and right now its on a small vacation     
Maybe other  DDSR folks can help me     

Bogus Jim

QuoteOld Man - what is your old handle?

Sounds like NDave. He complains about being an old man but rides like a wild man.  ;)

Dr Psyko

LD, Does this mean you don't have a trail bike anymore?
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don't worry.  he's still got his yammy wr250.
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Lonesome Dave

Heck no, I would have my funeral first before I give up on trail riding!   :evil

Quote from: BogusJim on April 11, 2012, 10:30:05 AM
QuoteOld Man - what is your old handle?

Sounds like NDave. He complains about being an old man but rides like a wild man.  ;)

It does sound like NDave...."old man" where are you from?
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